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Since 2003 IRIS Solutions works hard to serve you the best.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2003, IRIS Solutions meets your finest and most changing needs. We are able to develop products and services that suit your problems and that may improve your performance. Whatever is your industry or the size of your company, the technology evolution or the contextual environment alters your needs and requires constant adjustments.

For over 10 years, IRIS Solutions devotes entirely itself to giving you the best of its expertise in optimizing your processes and delivering innovative solutions that meet your needs.

Considering the IT market volatility, our consulting and engineering services can help you react to environmental changes at the right time and the best way possible

Innovation for Competitiveness!

IRIS Solutions thinks about you! Always more serenity, much less stress and a lot less costs, that's what our products reflect.

All of our solution sets are intended for an online use. The era of on-premises software is over. We produce solutions accessible via Internet for a quick access, a use "everywhere" and a cheaper cost. You will not have to think anymore about server acquisition costs, maintenance costs, etc... Now, everything is happening in the cloud.

Always there for You!

Your satisfaction is our objective. Establishing a close and lasting relationship with our clients is our motto. Our relationship goes beyond a simple professional relationships. And because we care about our relationships, we take into account your problems seriously. Building relationships based on trust and honesty first is the most important point.

When your needs change and / or new technologies emerge, IRIS Solutions will always stand next to your business to advise you and recommend new solutions.

Considering the IT market volatility, our consulting and engineering services can help you react to environmental changes at the right time and the best way possible

How We Proceed?

IRIS Solutions is constantly on the lockout about technology by staying tuned on new technologies in the market. You focus on your business and let us enhance your company's IT performance. Our solutions will suit you and will make your life easier while being perfectly suited to your business strategy.

Modular and Scalable Solutions

Our designed solutions meet the evolving needs of your business. We favor on modular solutions to ensure a better functioning and a software scalability without constraints and at a lower costs.

Nous disposons de solutions de gestion clés en main qui offrent une multitude de fonctionnalités allant des plus « généralistes » aux plus « adaptées », celles que nous proposons suite à votre demande pour suivi. De ce fait, l’évolution de votre entreprise ou de vos nouvelles stratégies d’entreprise est assistée voire facilitée.

Custom-made Solutions

At IRIS Solutions, we are proud to offer customized software engineering services that address issues you encounter. As always, we study your specific requests. We support you in your reflection, development and deployment of IT solutions.

Your listening to innovate

In addition to listening to its customers, IRIS Solutionsis still in tune with its environment to improve, innovate and provide solutions at the forefront of technology.

At the core of our strategy, research and development activities expand our range of products and services through new solutions for the benefit of our customers.

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