software engineering
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Software Engineering

At IRIS Solutions, we develop customized business solutions. The expertise we acquired in the last years developing IT solutions, led us to build our current reputation.

IRIS Solutions uses its expertise to design and develop solutions not only adapted to your specific needs but also to your budget.

We always work closely with our customers to better serve them and meet their needs. IRIS Solutions also helps you optimize and automate business processes in order to provide a better solution.

Your needs, our solution



The solutions we develop are robust, secure and scalable. We develop solutions that will evolve with your business.


Our designed software are web-based solutions. Using this architecture makes you gain up to 90% on IT costs. No more IT infrastructures to maintain, no more software updates to purchase.

A Rigorous Methodology ..

Regardless of the type of development you provide to us and the business process to support, our methodology - based on Agile Scrum - ensures fast and measurable results. Within weeks, IRIS Solutions provides you the first software features allowing you a higher ROI value.

It also reduces the risks when deploying the solution avoiding therefore delaying the product delivery.


IRIS Solutions does not only provide the solution to your needs but also supports you during its implementation and its use. © 2015, All right reserved. IRIS Solutions Canada