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IRIS Ready-to-Use Solutions

IRIS Solutions offers a range of products that suit your needs. Arising from research and development activities, our IT solutions are known for their ease of use, high performance and reliability. Our solutions are actively linked and complementary.

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IRIS e-Business

The e-Business Solutions includes the essential needed tools to manage your business. They include various modules to help you effectively manage your different entities.

IRIS e-Commerce

Did you heard about virtual stores? Would you like to increase your visibility and profits by attracting worldwide customers? Our e-Commerce Solution enables your company to embark on the biggest virtual market; Internet. A market that now has 2.7 billion users. Expose your products online through IRIS e-Commerce

IRIS e-Booking

Is your enterprise a tourism-related business? Our online booking engine enables your customers to instantly book a flight, a hotel room or rent a car. Our e-booking solution integrates online payment platform and a sending short message / email confirmation system. © 2015, All right reserved. IRIS Solutions Canada