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Our Team

The promise to commit ourselves to provide the best of our expertise is shared by all our employees. Give meaning and life to the trust we share with our customers is essential.

At IRIS Solutions, we are driven by the desire to build systems that interact with the current economic situation of our partners. We understand the importance of delivering the solution that meets your needs and feel a huge satisfaction contributing to your success. We are committed to their side by advising and providing them with our expertise throughout the process from the beginning until the project's success.

Our Vision, we share it between employees

A reliable and flexible solution in a safe and high availability environment.

This is the vision that all team members share. Facilitate information management, make them available in a timely to the right people is paramount. Without reliable information system, the mass of information is hard to manage and causes a considerable time-loss to reprocess them individually.

Given the current economic and global context where access to the right information is vital, we are conscious that produce a robust and scalable information system to our partners is imperative. Ensuring full availability of its information is also a vital mission. With the proliferation of the use of Web, associated risks are increasing. Thus, security is no longer an option. This is why we believe that IT business environment audit should be a done continuousely, coupling with an effective backup strategy to avoid the unavailability of information.

Anticipating onset problems before they occur avoids not only associated repair's costs but also downtime cost.

Team Intervention Fields

  • Information System Development,
  • Software Deployment,
  • Network Configuration,
  • Security Audit
  • Technical Support:
  • Hosting & Virtualization
  • Servers Monitoring
  • Servers Configuration
  • Sensitive Data Backup Strategy

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We are always looking for talented and outstanding candidates to join our team. If you are a talented professional who wants to get involved in stimulating softwares development projects, join us!

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