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IT Consulting and Audit

The growing use of computing networks within companies, the increase of transiting information and the proliferation of new threats on internet demonstrate that the establishment of a security audit is a major strategic issue. Many companies are unaware of their IT security breaches and are continuously exposed to different malicious attacks.

Do you know the threats that await for you?

IRIS solutions assists your company in conducting a detailed security audit. Our mission is to prevent any system violation and prohibit access to sensitive data. We provide an audit in three steps:


Your servers are essential business components. Losing them will considerably slow down your operations. Why wait? Entrusting the monitoring of your servers to IRIS Solutions will guarantee you peace of mind at reduced costs.

This diagnosis will be the safe and essential way for identifying:

  • your main threats
  • Your vulnerability points
  • Your protection needs


IRIS Solutions identifies the necessary protective measures and chooses for you the best solutions that protect your data and your entire information system.

Support Service

We support you in the implementation of protective measures and we perform the necessary tests to ensure that the probability of risk occurrences is low. © 2015, All right reserved. IRIS Solutions Canada