IT support
Because your infrastructures Deserve the Best of treats, we take care of them for you!

Enterprises' IT Support

IRIS Solutions offers the best to assist you in managing your technology infrastructure. For several years, we have been advising and supporting you in ongoing improvement of your technology infrastructure. We also help you in your set of choices and assist you in technological decision-making as well as in solving your current problems. We support your users in solving software and hardware infrastructure issues.

At IRIS Solutions, we offer prepaid technical support packages that suit your business scale. We provide a field support as well as remote assistance for quickly resolving problems. Your staff is supported remotely unless a field support is required. Only an internet connection and a secure sharing screen application are needed to allow our professionals connect your terminal and put their expertise to work for you.

IT Infrastructure

IRIS Solutions evaluates your short, medium and long-term needs in order to provide you with the most suitable solution. We help you increase and improve your operational efficiency.

Furthermore, IRIS Solutions helps you install and activate your software. We also assist you deploy hardware in your IT environment quickly and safely. Thanks to remote assistance, we deliver a quick service in a short time.

Servers Monitoring

Your servers are essential business components. Losing them will considerably slow down your operations. Why wait? Entrust the monitoring of your servers to IRIS Solutions will guarantee you peace of mind at reduced costs.

Hosting & Server Virtualization

With our hosting service, IRIS Solutions helps you reduce the cost of your infrastructure while keeping the same quality of service and optimal protection.

IT Environment Management

IRIS Solutions also cares about your IT infrastructure management. We are capable to configure your servers, desktops, switches and routers in a short time. IRIS Solutions provides a wide range of tools and softwares for an increased reliability and a continuous security. © 2015, All right reserved. IRIS Solutions Canada